20 Pairs HAWEEL Three Fingers Touch Screen Gloves Kit with Display Stand Box for Men / Women / KidsV

Do you want to warm and in touch while texting? here are best touchscreen gloves that work well with your samrtphones.

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The reason you can’t use a smartphone with an ordinary pair of gloves has to do with the way touchscreens work.Capacitive screens are blanketed with electrodes.When a conductive material like human skin comes into contact with them, it completes the circuit; an alternating current in the smartphone’s touchscreen induces a current in the conductor, bridging the gap between the touchscreen’s electrodes. Those circuits register as taps, touches, and swipes on your screen.

Best Bluetooth Devices - Rambotech

Skin isn’t the only great electrical conductor, of course, and touchscreen-friendly gloves take advantage of that fact. The gloves are made in part or in whole from fabric that emulates skin’s conductive properties, similar to capacitive styluses like the Microsoft’s Surface Pen, etc..

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This Haweel touch screen glove is a kind of fingertip gloves.Fingertip gloves don’t mimic the whole of your hand’s conductivity. Rather, a few individual fingertips are woven with a special yarn or tip that completes the touchscreen’s circuits.

Best Bluetooth Devices - Rambotech

This kind of HAWEEL Three Fingers Touch Screen Gloves have the following characteristics:

1.High quality universal 3-finger capacitive touch screen knitted warm gloves

2.Feel soft, smooth and delicate, extremely comfortable to wear

3.Perfect for keeping warm and for parties, special events, driving etc

4. Material: Acrylic, spandex, conductive fiber

5.Use for iPhone / HTC / BlackBerry and other touch screen mobile phones / tablets

6.Size: 21cm use for Men; 19cm use for Women; 16cm use for kids

7.20 pairs in a pack: Men type (4 Pairs Black, 4 Pairs Grey, 2 Pairs Blue)+ Women type (2 Pairs Black, 2 Pairs Grey, 1 Pair Pink) + Kids type (2 Pairs Black, 1 Pair Grey, 1 Pair Blue, 1 Pair Pink)

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